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Our Mission. Our Story.

Paisan Logistics is an asset-based crude oil hauling company.  We specialize in transporting crude oil from lease sites to rail stations, pipelines and refineries. Our company prides itself in being extremely easy to do business with, reliable and safe.

Our belief is that each company in the supply chain should focus on their core competency; Operators drill and produce oil; Marketers negotiate buy and sell prices and locations; Transporters move the oil.  With this approach, oil producers, marketers and transporters can establish strategic relationships that extract the most value out of the supply chain and deliver bottom line results that benefit all parties.      

To help support this strategy, our company has strategically developed leading edge logistics software to promote collaboration and visibility to data.  This approach allows oil producers, marketers and transportation partners to identify opportunities and make better and faster decisions.  Some of these features include: real time visibility to drivers, assets and cargo; electronic run tickets; instant load tracking, adjustments and proof of delivery; daily load reconciliations and detailed load/run ticket recaps; and capability to dynamically plan and optimize routes to improve truck utilization.

Our company's philosophy is to always meet the needs of our customer.  With our entrepreneurial spirit, we are always looking for new opportunities that can help solve today's difficult business challenges.  Please feel free to contact us with any opportunity.

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